Day2: It’s not supposed to be this way

I hate, i hate the idea that things are valuable than people

I hate the idea of putting oneself upon others

Yes we can, that’s what they say

Because it’s well deserved, it’s something people are going to admire

But no we can just give money for the poors, they shouldn’t have put their self in that situation in the first place. 

No we don’t have enough to pay everyone better. We know they deserve it but our budget still not enough

The money came from our family account, it’s ours, we can use it how we want

I am just so frustrated by this, i just can’t keep still

If i had enough tears, they’d be gone by now

I hate the idea of not having enough to care for all the needy,

It’s so easy to care more for things than people

We spend more time on phone chatting with friends and acquaintances


But once they are in front of us, we can enjoy their presence

We take life, friendship and even love for granted until someone is gone forever

it is not supposed to be this way

so i will do what i can with what i have, to make my world a better place

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