New things ( a promise of God)

Hello everyone, hope you had a good time during Christmas and sylvester. The first day of the year is a good day to have some deep Conversation with yourself, to do some retrospection. It is a good day to write down resolutions, or rather to start with it. This year i don’t have resolutions but i have things i want to do better: writing and reading more, praying and worshipping more, doing/serving more. I have daily goals i want to meet aand that’s all. It is something i learned during 2017 and it worked so far.

How was 2017 for you?  i loved 2017 for many reasons, the basics ( friends and family) but mostly because it is a year i had the privilege to discover another side of my God. he helped me through so much, he was there when i felt alone and he provided for my need. He helped being more aware of his love and his presence.

I place 2018 under his grace and i trust he has greater things planned for me. He promised he is going to make a way even through the desert, in the places where there’s no way, and i believe it.

This are my wishes for you:

“May you experience new things under the favor of God”

be blessed and happy new year!




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