Prayers/ Poetry

Yes I do

Yes I do

Or rather I did

I did love you even though you left me

You choose someone else

And this pain I have, I can’t get rid of it

I don’t want you anymore

No, I don’t want anything to do with you

But I still love you

And Want you to come back

But you don’t



I searched the world and I found you

You choosed slavery, dead sentence

But I paid for you

I set you free

Because I love you

My wife, my beloved

This is your loved one speaking to you

Yes I do

I do want you here

With me, you belong to me


Troubled, pushed away

Forgotten that’s how your escape left me

I may have been harsh on you

My anger may have gone a little bit far

But it is the reflection of my love

I care, yes I do


From now on you belong to me

You are my wife and I your husband

I am your God and you are my people

I will take care of you

Like I did with your ancestors

When I deliver them from Egypt

You are my chosen one

And I want nothing more than your delight


From where I am

I will look up you

I will be your light in the darkness

Your sins have been forgiven

And forgotten

I will bless you in overflow

Love you steadfastly, unconditionally faithfully beyond imagination

For who you are.


Hosea 14;9


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