Back again

I have been really busy in the last weeks, and it was a lot difficult to post anything.

In the meantime i read my bible among other things and had so much i wished i could share with you. I read the last twelve books of the old testament and i think i will start a series about those “minor prophets” in order to share with you the powerful message they receive from God.

This message is really important although it was written around 700 years before Christ.

When we look around us, we may notice that things are changing for the better but mostly for the worst. As a christian let us not lose sight of our ultimate goal, the reason why we are on this earth.

We are followers of christ and it is not easy to live as such if we are constantly distracted by the wordly things and what the world has to offer.  The more we strive for holiness the better it will be o cope with the world but we might at the end feel out of place and treated that way.

i rather feel out of place now than when Jesus comes back AGAIN.

For the next weeks i will post about

minor prophets 2

I hope it brings a sparkles in your eyes while reading this, the first message is from Hosea about the amazing love of God!

Until then, stay blessed ❤



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