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God and us

How much time do you spend in God’s presence?

How much time do you spend searching for his face?

I woke this morning to the fact that we often neglect our relation to God for worldly things. We forget what’s more important. We get so easily distracted by our desires. It is like telling God: “wait here a minute i will go and experience this worldly things and maybe i will comeback” God will wait on us/you no matter what.(because he loves us)

He might also condemn you but his love still never fails. This week i read Hosea and It is beyond my words to express the love God has for his people. Israel sinned, was unfaithful, went to worship other gods but still decide to love them. He condemned Israel for her sins just like he says in the bible not because he didn’t but because he did

Proverbs 3:12 because the Lord disciplines those he loves, as a father the son he delights in

Should be blame God for it? Or it is our faults if we ever come to face his wrath?

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In this Book God ask Hosea to marry a prostitute and to love her even when she starts to sell her body back to other men. Hosea at some point when on to pay a sum to get his wife back. Hosea 3 This reminds me of a well known story: The sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross to save us from our ungodly ways. Jesus was sold for 30 pieces. 

we often tend to forget how hurtful it must have been when Jesus died on the Cross, actually we can’t even imagine it. Lord break my heart for what breaks yours. By his sacrifice we can come to him and be saved.  EVERYONE

Jesus is coming back again and all i wish for myself is to be ready but how can we be ready if we don’t even know the one we are praying to. How much time do we spend searching for God’s Will? I often cry over myself for the time i spend wasting instead of trying to know God’s heart better.

So many things get my attention away. My desire to major, have a family, and so much more.  I wish so much things for myself but are they really what God wants for me? You may find me a bit fanatical but it is the way i am and i even want to be alot more. When i look to God’s creation, i just can’t imagine how come just a few people believe in him. There are so many things we can find awesome but the best of it comes from the father in heaven.

God is a generous God, he will give you what you want but be careful not just to love him when he gives you somethings. Because when you will go through deep waters you may abandon the faith. God always hold onto his promises, he will be there to hold your hand when things go wrong. God is also a jealous God so if you choose money then he might leave the place Matthew 6:24. Make your choice. 5ee9b2bb1642ce5b92803ae1e50c7dc3

Hint: With God you will have everything else Matthew 6:33





Will you be ready when Jesus comes back? Let us read the book of revelations as a reminder of what he wishes from us and how majestic he his. Not so many will be save but i want to be among the lucky one and i wish you too. Take a alone time and pray to your heavenly father: God i want to know you more, i want to live more the way you want. Create in me a clean heart, open my eyes so that i can see how good you are. Come in my life today and use me. Break down everything that doesn’t honor you. Like clay in the potter’s hand give me the form that pleases you. Thank you Lord!

I want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to Him in His death,


My take on the daily post, didn’t have any clue about strut but this what i wanted to share with you

4 thoughts on “God and us

  1. thanks for the reminder on Who comes first. You could have included strut in their more, or in their period. It could have been used when talking about how we go about our day following worldly things or even in expressing attitude of Hosea’s wife and other places. Nice piece, Helpful piece, nonetheless. Also, you may want to re-read for spelling and grammar. Hope these things help and not offend.


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