cry for help

Another day has come

and passes oh so quickly

with his share of joy and sadness

but i am still alive38cc134836ce4198f0aecb856fbc0209


Yesterday i was dancing

today i am grieving

what will be tomorrow made off?

if only i knew i woulnd’t ask


oh how i wish i was invisible

oh how i wish i wasn’t born

sometimes i do feel that way

isn’t it normal?


it is just a passage

soon enough it will pass

or maybe not

Only you know


I am just a traveller  509d5d4f453e859239c70246c819d00b

I don’t belong here

Even if i wanted

i wouldn’t be welcome


i have already been there

i thought i learned

but does it kept me from falling

i am still wondering


One thing i know

and i am certain of

is you promised to be there

Even when i don’t seem to see you


I know you keep your promises

that’s why i allow myself to remind you of it

i know you didn’t forget about me

but it just feels right at the moment


How i wish i could spend my life in your presence

Maybe that way i will always be joyful

and the arrows of the enemies wouldn’t touch me

And i wouldn’t be crying my heart out


It maybe just a wish

But whenever i am with you

you fill me with your peace

the peace this heart cannot give


I am there again

but i trust in you

easier said than done

but still i keep my eyes on you


Heavenly Fatherfae6e0440c32cf9b0442e0465cad92cd

healer and bringer of salvation

friend and lover of the unloved

here am i have mercy on me

listen to my prayer

hear my cry for help

i am calling to you in the midst of troubles

answer me please

and i will worship you.

Not only because of because you would have done but also because of who you are.



i am on my guard, devil you won’t get me!







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