reason to believe

Reasons to Believe

the reason why i believe?

there is certainly one but i don’t really know

i believe because i have faith

deep inside of me i know i can get through

i believe because i’m convinced that there’s someone

near me guiding me, preaparing the road for me

i believe because they believe in me

if they are convinced i can do it, then who i am to say i can’t

i believe because i tried once, i pushed hard

hard enough to get through it and it worked

there’s a voice that reminds me always: “you can do it”

even when i am at my weakest point

i know there’s a power left i haven’t use

i know if i believe in it then i can do it

just like R. Kelly i believe i can fly

but that faith that makes me believe

doesn’t come from me it’s heavenly

because if i was left on my own then surely i would have abandonned in the middle of it

i believe because they believe in me

they give me enough courage to stand up and walk for myself

those friends, the family the Lord gave me, they helped me know that i’m more and remind me of who i am

they make me stronger with days going

because of all this i can stand up and say “i can”

I know for sure i’m not alone that’s why i believe

previously published on my other blog

3 thoughts on “reason to believe

  1. Nice article. Personally I have to take leap of faith right now. My legs are too heavy to walk with Jesus now and I still don’t know how and when it happened. Nevertheless. God Bless you.

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