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pride and prejudice

To serve the Lord is a privilege and I as write I am so glad to be a part of an amazing Team. It is not the team in itself but the idea behind it that keeps me compelled. As part of a church that serves the living god and has people in focus I do consider myself blessed. I am part now of the guest team in our new campus ( church planting feels good).

Honestly I thought I was going to be easy you know, greeting people, help them find a place and so on… Prior to this I have been serving in the kids ministry and it was amazing, I love kids I really do. For some reasons when I thought about the new campus I felt attracted to the guest team and here I am.

Like I said before I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal but for my first service I faced a real challenge. I am a happier person and I sometimes can step off the limits and I don’t want people to think oh she is weird and too happy happy 😊

On the other side I can be pretty intimidated and I speak so quickly no one even understands what I mean. So it is my job to find the balance in my attitude. Our leader always says concentrate on the people not the task.

This post isn’t really about how good it is to serve but rather about the motivation behind it.

I do feel like I have to bring this subject up. You know it may happen that people serve to be seen as a good Christian. Actually in all of us there’s this little bit of a satisfactory side, being able to do things not everyone does. I am happier when I feel useful.

It also happen that I really appreciate what some people do and wish I could do the same. These are feeling I don’t allow myself to have frequently. But I feel encouraged by some fellow Christians in the way they serve and act. And i feel like you serve better when your eyes are fixed on God not people. when you serve that way it is easy to do things when no one is seeing and still feel good.

When your desire of being seen is higher than your happiness to serve the lord truly then there’s a problem somewhere cuz by doing that you are definitely stealing God’s glory. While serving, it can be easy to think that we did something particular when everything is good. Always remember to give to him who deserves it.

“Worship today was great, I had a lovely voice”

“I do the best cakes and it IS because of them that people are so happy to stay. I am so good at greeting that everyone wants to come to church every Sunday”

God blessed us with some amazing talents and gifts and we use it to serve him.

Pride and selfishness have nothing to do in the church of God. It is not because of your good deeds that you would be saved but the lord look deeper inside, he looks into our hearts

Deep inside whom are you serving? Personal interests or God?

It is God that makes us capable of archiving greatness to him alone be the glory.

In our worship and service we sometimes tend to be the one in focus/ in the spotlight. We leave no room for God to act.

As Christians and sons all the almighty we should allow the Lord to act through us in a spontaneous way. When we lose our goal, purpose on this earth then what we do in the name of Lord no longer have the same power as before. We should be ready to listen to the holy spirit when we serve the lord so even in the middle of our praise he can manifest his glory.

It may happen that as a leader all eyes are on us and we let our pride take the first place instead of the lord. Even if things continue to go well our service is no more glorifying the lord but us. Remember in the gospel when Jesus destroyed everything in the temple? John 2 13-22

Well it was because the traders weren’t doing it for the lord and besides they kept worshippers, especially the poor from worshipping.

Be aware not to take God glory, it’s something he won’t allow and severely punishes. You don’t want to be the receiver of God’s wrath

When serving / worshipping if you hear a little voice telling you to do more of this or that so that people may see how great you are, then do this: rebuke it, you are about to cross a line and do something that won’t please God.

God does not share his glory with anyone bible verse

Isaiah 48:11

Isaiah 42:8

Job 38-42

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