Prayers/ Poetry · The bible and me


As I walk

Thoughts of you flows in my heart

I can’t believe you’re still good to me

Oh what a mess my life is

Still you found me in the midst of it


Feelings where upside-down

A mix matched imperfection

Between who I wish I were

What I wish I had

Things I had rather never done.


In the midst of my troubles

In the midst of my rambling, insecurities

In the midst of my guilt and shame

You found a way to my heart

So you could tell me how precious I am

More than pure Gold, fireproofed


As I take one step after the other

I realise that even in my wildest dream

I would never had expected such love

You love me for who I am

Regardless of my flaws and weaknesses

It is you who make me strong

And Confidently I can stand up for myself


You’ve been there when I thought I was alone

When I felt lost and didn’t know where to go

When I made the wrong choices

You stayed faithfully at my side

How can I forget you on the day I am more than happy

You are the giver and the taker


I could have what I always dreamed of

But how poor I would feel

How bitter it would taste

If I can’t share it with you


If it doesn’t come from you then

It isn’t good enough

Then I don’t need it




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